Saturday, January 16, 2010

Flowers on a Saturday Morning

last spring when i was doing a bit of planting i thought ahead and put my little rosemary plant in a terra cotta pot, afraid i wouldn't be able to part with it when the frost came if i planted it in the ground. now my little rosemary plan is safely inside and i have had a modest little supply of rosemary throughout the winter.

i was over at design sponge this week and saw these floral arrangements with rosemary which i absolutely adore:

There is such an earthy charm to these and I bet they smell wonderful. I love the idea of incorporating herbs into flower arrangements. I think today may hold some new blooms for our home...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

tree house

Check out this neat article about Roald Gundersen who incorporate entire trees into his home designs. Aren't these images incredible? I want a tree in my house.

I can't even handle how gorgeous that is.
I love how much light there is in each of these rooms...gorgeous windows.
And of course he also constructed an incredible greenhouse.
(all photos via NY Times)

Friday, October 30, 2009

out in the open.

apparently craving a change of scenery in the bathroom this week... these are envy-creating. from bhg.
i love this!
in case you need to hide the entire sink?

kind of reminds me of a barn sink.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

nothing to hide.

bathroom sink skirts would absolutely destroy these amazing rooms. from bhg.

love these sink faucets but i remember getting incredibly frustrated with the separate taps for hot and cold when i lived in scotland.

Monday, October 26, 2009

skirting around the issue.

base assumption: you must have something under your sink you want to hide.
it could very well be that you are one of the lucky owners of a beautiful pedestal sink. however, because of the very existence of a sink skirt, i assume some of these sink foundations must have something to hide. here are a few ideas.

from country living.

from country living.

this kind of reminds me of the circus. from bhg.

and this reminds me of a tutu. from bhg.

not sure about that window treatment. from bhg.

Friday, October 23, 2009

fire safety.

growing up, i had what probably qualifies as a phobia of fire. yes, i made my family go through the drills of what would happen if the smoke detector went off. multiple times. when my family moved into our new house, one of our first purchases was a fire screen for our fireplace. my parents were pretty sensible when it came to teaching us what we could and could not do (i apparently took it a little more to heart than they intended), but at that point, the fire screen was purely functional, rather than a piece of decor. now, looking at fire screens for sale, i realize there is a plethora of choices - perhaps i'm glad i don't have a fire place from which i need to protect myself. or perhaps i'm a little jealous.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

changing seasons.

i scored a small victory when i convinced my husband that he could not place a rug on our coffee table (literally, a rug. and it clashed beyond repair with everything.). my compromise was instead of a rug (or his next suggestion: a large round table cloth for the poor, defenseless rectangular table) was two placemats. i even let him help choose - a nice neutral beige. he likes it because it breaks up the plain monotony of a wooden table top, and i like it because it doesn't overpower the simplicity - and it will be changing with the seasons. it is a perfect foundation for a festive, fall table decoration (or two small ones). these are examples from bhg.